Lac La Ronge Indian Band children ages 5-8, are you interested in playing hockey?

Hey, want to get your kid in the game? We’re looking for 20 LLRIB children in La Ronge (ages 5-8, boys and girls) interested in starting hockey. No player fees, equipment will be provided and free ice time is given. That’s a pretty sweet deal.

Inbox me or text or call me at 420-7529 for more info.

A huge shout out to Brent Nicol, who was again successful in obtaining the NHLPA Goals & Dreams grant and thanks to Kevin Kaminski for planting the seed on this initiative!

JRMCC Arena schedule for the week of October 19-25

We continue to monitor the local situation regarding Covid-19 and follow advice and direction from health officials. Currently, we will remain open but will slow down operations a bit respecting the choice of users who wish to cancel their ice times for now. We will also continue to offer limited ice rentals but they will be subject to scrutiny and final approval.

There are three reasons why we continue to stay open. One, its important that our doors stay open to ensure some degree of public confidence. Second, we feel it is important to address physical and mental health by allowing youth to continue engaging in their team practices. Third, we recognize hockey is the only sport currently with detailed government-approved return-to-play, social distancing and mask guidelines.

The mirrors are up and they look amazing!!!

Another AWESOME addition to the JRMCC Fitness Centre at the JRMCC SPORTS & RECREATION DEPT.

These mirrors are lightweight and shatterproof for our members added safety. They are made from a film rather than a glass that should last for a lifetime. Weighing just 8lbs per 4’x6’ panel, these were installed in just over an hour!

As incredible as these are, these should never be touched as they can easily be pierced.

Cancellation of all tournaments until further notice

I’ve had quite a few inquiries about whether or not JRMCC Sports & Recreation was hosting a hockey tournament as previously posted. Although we love hosting big events, we won’t be any time soon as the event is now cancelled.

Previously, we were lead to believe we could host a tournament working within the mini-league Covid rules framework. After some clarification, we’ve been advised mini-leagues cannot be disguised as a tournament.

The fact is you may not see any recreation and senior hockey tournaments at all this winter based on the information released at the latest Sask Hockey Association (SHA) meetings. I hope I’m wrong though.

The “no tournament” rule may change in the new year but it depends on how we manage the pandemic situation. Basically we need to make pretty good progress minimizing transmission and flattening the curve of Covid-19.The current return-to-play guidelines only allow for mini-league play and subsequent regular league play, if all goes well and if we’re able to move to the next phase. Again, the rules are absolutely clear: no tournaments.

Philosophically, one might suggest SHA rules do not apply to unsanctioned hockey. But a stronger argument can also be made that the SHA return-to-play policy is the health guideline and therefore applies across the board.

Understandably, this isn’t the news passionate hockey fans and players want to hear. You see on any given weekend over the winter months, rinks mainly on-reserve or in northern communities hold unsanctioned tournaments and have done so year after year. For the small communities this might be one of the highlight events of the year. So there might be the odd chance someone will challenge this and go ahead with putting on an event.

At this time, it’s probably best you don’t. I’m not sure organizers want to risk bringing in asymptomatic people into their community, ones who may potentially and unknowingly spread the virus. I doubt anyone wants their name tied to a super spreader event either. You know you’re going to get bashed pretty good particularly on social media. If facility operators follow the public health guidelines, they likely won’t allow renters to host unsanctioned tournaments either. Keep in mind there’s potential for fines by the government to be handed out for not following public health orders and guidelines. As well, and as suggested, there may be possible sanctions from SHA such as suspensions. Clearly there’s no positive outcomes with these scenarios.

Bottom line is you can still play and watch hockey in the form of league games, just not in tournaments. We’ll cross our fingers the second wave is on the down turn in the new year!


AGES 13-17
Starting October 27th, 2020 for 8 Weeks
Every Tuesday & Thursday @ 5:00pm-6:00pm
Cost: $150.00

What you get:

  • 16 Instructor Led Sessions
  • Positive Group Training Atmosphere
  • New & Exciting Workouts every session
  • Functional Fitness for Strength & Flexibility

The Trainers: Emma Smallwood & Colin Ratushniak
Call, Text or Email Colin TODAY to register!
204-441-1914 or

MAXIMUM 16 participants, payment must be received to guarantee your spot.
Payments to


Starting October 17th, 2020 for 6 Weeks
Every Saturday – 6 TOTAL SEESIONS
2 Option Classes
Low impact, cardio sculpt: will be a mix of cardio and strength movements.
HIIT: High Impact Interval Training will be a more advanced, higher impact full body workout mixing cardio and strength moves.

Cost: $60.00


What you get:

  • 6 Instructor Led Sessions
  • Positive Group Training Atmosphere
  • New & Exciting Workouts every session
  • Functional Fitness for Strength & Flexibility

The Teacher: Audrey Boyer

Call, Text or Email Colin TODAY to register!

204-441-1914 or

MAXIMUM 20 participants per class, payment must be received to guarantee your spot

Payments to

JRMCC remains open please adhere to health guidelines

At this time, JRMCC will continue to remain open as per usual. Although there may be concern and even fear out there, it’s important that we continue our business as usual practice to resume public confidence.

The LLRIB Emergency Response Group (ERG) met this morning and were provided an update on the local COVID-19 situation here in La Ronge.

This situation is being closely monitored by local and regional health officials who then provide updates to the LLRIB ERG, which includes Chief and Council.

We will continue to remain diligent in adhering to the health guidelines. All users will be required to immediately wash hands upon entry into the facility. It is also now mandatory for users to wear face masks in and around the facility until they be begin your physical activity.