Terry “Babz” Isbister Memorial Co-Ed Tournament Results

Thank you to all players, officials and fans for coming out to the inaugural Terry “Babz” Isbister Memorial Co-Ed Tournament held in conjunction with the annual La Ronge Elks Fair.

For well over 10 years, Babz had several roles in our organization’s programs and events including coach, umpire, hockey ref, tournament scorekeeper and was also an employee for a period of time. We wanted to honour his memory and his contributions to our department with this event.

Tournament Results:

1st Place: LA Kraken ($4000.00 plus trophy)

2nd Place: Pirates ($2900.00 plus trophy)

3rd Place: Bristol’s Crew ($1100.00)

All Star Awards:Top Male Outfielder: Blaine Bird

Top Female Outfielder: Alannah Ratt

Top Male Infielder: Clarence Bird

Top Female Infielder: Christy Roberts

Male MVP: Dennis Sanderson

Female MVP: Ida Bird