Update 2023 FSIN Adult Hockey Championships (Saturday March 18, 2023, 11:20 am)

The technical package for the 2023 FSIN Adult Hockey Championships and Hockey Saskatchewan roster forms have been emailed out (You also might have been accidently missed or we don’t have your email yet.) PLEASE FILL OUT TO ME, PRINT THEN EITHER SCAN OR EMAIL OR FAX (306-425-3031) BACK TO ME. For clarity purposes, do not fill out form and send it back to me as a screenshot.

-We are now ONLY accepting teams in the Senior Contact division. Unfortunately, we have also officially cancelled the Jr. U23 due to lack of interest, some have moved to the Recreation division now. Currently there are 95 teams in total entered.

-Rosters along with entry fee and Hockey Saskatchewan fee are due 12:00 (Noon) Friday, April 14. Please put on one cheque payable to: JRMCC Sports & Recreation. We accept e-transfers. We want all draws to be completed early the following week to allow you more time to plan on your end.

-All 44 Recreation teams will be expected to play on Thursday, please make your necessary arrangements.

– Players can only play in one division. Roster can be up to 25 skaters and 2 goalies, however teams can only dress 18 skaters and 2 goalies in a game.

-This event is open to Saskatchewan First Nations who are of Status Indian ancestry. Players must provide Certificate of Indian Status cards as proof. ID checks will be performed prior to each first game.

-Letters of transfers or transfers in progress will NOT be accepted, you must have Treaty Card on hand.

-Players who are suspended under Hockey Saskatchewan cannot participate, this includes those who have played in non-sanctioned Hockey Canada “outlaw” hockey leagues (GMHL, CAJHL, etc.) throughout Canada at any time during the 2022-2023 season.

-Players who are suspended from the Tony Cote Winter & Summer Games or any FSIN Championships cannot participate.

-Every player must wear a helmet with visor and ear protection for all male divisions and full face-visor/cage & neck guard for the women’s division.

For questions or inquiries, text or call me Kevin Roberts 420-7529

Tri-Community Dance Club would like to Thank our Sponsors

Tri-Community Dance Club was the recent recipient of financial support from Sask Lotteries, the Town La Ronge and @La Ronge EMS & Northern Air Medevac (Kaylene Bagwell). This sponsorship allowed us to purchase portable dance mirrors and ballet barres. All of the classes have now been able to experience them and they have been so excited. The mirrors have allowed our dancers to see their form, self-correct, see themselves within the group and watch each other and instructor assistants. You can see them standing a little straighter, growing more confident, and focusing a little more. The barres have been growing the children’s form, flexibility, strength and developing their positioning and movement in new ways. These tools have made an incredible difference in how our dance classes feel. We are very grateful! Thank you so much for the support and generous sponsorship!!

Shared by Genevieve Kustiak

Congratulations to this year’s winners of the Festival Queen and Baby Pageants and the associated cash draws!

Congratulations to this year’s winners of the Festival Queen and Baby Pageants and the associated cash draws for each category:

Festival Queen:

1st Place Dawn Marie McKenzie (225 books sold, 25% of sales, $1406.00)

2nd Place Asagewin Carriere (146 books, 20% of sales, $725.00) (Not pictured)

3rd Place Rayshell Charles (72 books, 15% of sales, $270.00) (Not pictured)

Draw Winners:

1st Moses Eninew $1000.00

2nd Mary Charles $750.00

3rd Alice Roberts $500.00

Baby Pageant:

1st Place Alison Denechezhe (184 books sold, 25% of sales, $1150.00)

2nd Place Lauren Roberts-Ratt (170 books sold, 20% of sales, $860.00)

3rd Place Willow Nilsson (141 books sold, 15% of sales, $529.00)

Draw Winners:

1st Destiny Adam $1000.00

2nd Barbara Charles $750.00

3rd Jennifer Beatty $500.00