Schedule and Group Lists Trach Power Skating & Skills Camp JRMCC Arena, September 11-13

Just a quick reminder of some of our Arena COVID-19 Guidelines:

– All participants must come pre-dressed to the arena, minimum bottom half of equipment (excluding skates).

-Two spectators per skater up to maximum of 50 (This factors in two out-of-town groups coming in with a couple chaperone and no parents.)

-Entrance will be through the south west doors (main Hall entrance). Participants are to go directly to assigned dressing room to put on skates and enter ice surface.

-Participants, coaches, officials, volunteers & parents/guardians should arrive no more than fifteen (15) minutes before any scheduled ice-time.

– The south east Exit Doors are for all participants, coaches, officials, volunteers & parents/guardians to exit the facility. Do not exit through the main Hall entrance doors.

-Participants, coaches, officials, volunteers & parents/guardians must leave the facility within fifteen (15) minutes after the completion of the scheduled ice-time.

-Dressing rooms are available only to put on skates. All on-ice participants are to come minimum bottom-half dressed and not leave items in dressing room. The Dressing Room Occupancy for physical distancing of 2 metres is as for 10 people maximum.

-All participants are to bring their own water bottle filled at home, hand sanitizer and personal items and never to share personal items.

-Showering after the activity is NOT permitted.

-Absolutely NO spitting!


Due to lack of numbers in certain groups, we’ve had to combine them into two groups to try balance out the numbers somewhat and where possible. Please also be advised of new times and dates as well for both groups, as this has changed too as there is no longer sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Lastly our COVID-19 protocols remain in effect. Inbox or text me for inquiries.